WildFire Pepper Spray

D-WF-BLACKWhat Happens The Instant Defense Spray Reaches Your Attacker

The second you spray your aggressor with self defense spray, he’ll feel quickly like his skin as well as eyes are on fire. If this is a potent pepper spray like Wildfire Pepper Spray, then he will even more cough ceaselessly, gag, and be not able to keep his eyes from folding because of inflamed blood vessels within the eyes.

Ordinary 10% pepper spray performs all that. Now, think about what 18 percent self defense spray can do.

Containing a higher, 18% amounts of pepper rather than 10 percent, Wildfire Pepper Spray yields those effects at increased levels. It features heat registering 3 million Scoville Heat Units, which trump the one or two million of most other defense sprays.

Pepper spray is non-fatal, though. Even a hot self defense spray like Wildfire Pepper Spray won’t harm permanently. You can get away and contact 911 while it takes effect for approximately half an hour. The opponent is going to recover, but won’t be spared from the law.